May 8, 2019 Gardening
Whether you’re a purist gardener doing everything from scratch, or happy to take some short cuts we have all your gardening needs.  We sell everything from the seeds for flowers, vegetables, and plants to the food and sprays to keep them all growing and keep slugs off your newly planted grass seeds.  So if you are going to venture outside you will need a few bits to get you going……..such as strong gloves, pruners, digging forks, spades, saw, pick axe, chains, tie holders, plant labels, water hose, cutters, basket holders, plant trays.  The list is endless, depending how busy you want to be!!! Our artificial flower range and displays are a sight to be seen. Wonderful colours and varieties of all different flowers, garlands and greenery to make any flower display for a table or wreath look impressive and real. Colours of flowers range from strong and dramatic to soft pastels which gently add some glamour to any business office or reception space, as well as in the home.  We stock a large range of oasis to suit any budding flower enthusiast flair for an arrangement. From oval and round, to heart shaped, rectangle and cross shape.  Do not let your home be without some colour this season, by way of a smart bunch of flowers, which will last for more than a week !!!
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