May 14, 2019 Party Disposable Range

Quick, convenient, saves you time and with NO washing up………who would have guessed what I’m talking about ???   Welcome to the new and easy way of entertaining and hosting children’s parties or making having a picnic easy and fun !!

Believe it or not……it’s a massive range of disposable cutlery, glassware, cups, plates and bowls. All of it is available in various colours, sizes, quantities and styles to suit every occasion and taste. We have so many useful drink glasses available which one can dispose of and recycle once used.  Check out the champagne flutes, wine glasses, cocktail, beer half pint and full pint, and children’s small clear drinking glasses.  Cutlery can be a mind-field depending on which look and feel you want your party or picnic to have……hence why Boyds Stores have catered for various colours, durability and range.   Having disposable plates for entertaining could not make life easier as nobody has to wash up afterwards. We have all size plates in various colours ie white, clear, pink, blue and kids theme party range.

Best news of all is everything is priced at €3 per pack.

So what are you waiting for……….start inviting your friends around, or go on that picnic you have been threatening to do for ages now, as the catering utensils and delph can all be found at Boyds Stores.

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