February 21, 2020 Let there be Light …..

Let there be Light …..

Now that the evenings are getting brighter, no harm having some useful lights and switches, to help get that extra hour or two of work or play done. We have a fantastic selection of lights and switches in every colour, shape and size, to suit every occasion.  Don’t be caught out in the dark, when you have Boyds Stores to brighten up your life !!

The other vital item all households need in winter are a selection of torches. Think of all the useful places to leave a torch for when you need it. Example, in the car, for fear of a break down at night to flag oncoming traffic. In the house by the door, in event of a power outage, to find your way around. On your bike for night cycling. Running or walking at night, a head torch is very useful and easy to use.  In a tool box, if one needs to light up dark small areas. Flexible reading mini lamps, movable light switches and mini lamps are all very useful to light up a room. Check out the range now, while stocks last !!

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