May 7, 2020 Who Loves Gardening ?

Who Loves Gardening ?

We all do now…….thanks to Covid 19. The weather has been fantastic, so no excuse not to get stuck in and create a magical wonderland outdoors. Gardening is so good for the mind and body, as we all know how physical it can be !! However, we have more time available to us now, so what a great way to be productive outside.

Luckily at Boyds Stores we are continuously getting deliveries of new and very useful gardening items.  We literally sell everything you might need ! Lets start with peat moss, flower bulbs, seeds, and flower pots to put them in, available in a wide range of sizes and colours. Flower hanging baskets and liners, mesh fencing, garden hose and all connectors / adaptors.  Many types of gardening tools eg rake, hoe, spade, shovel, and clippers. We also stock feed for tomatoes, planters, hanging baskets, and grass seed.  We also have plenty weed killer, slug pellets, rat & mouse traps.

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