November 5, 2020 TABLECLOTHS new range just in

TABLECLOTHS new range just in

The joy of having tablecloths in our lives ! They make life so much easier by way of cleaning and keeping a table clean and tidy. One wipe of a cloth and the table is good to go again, with all stains and food crumbs removed.  It even makes removing paint simple or children’s glue from their arts & craft activities !

The beauty of course is the very large selection of colors, patterns and designs to choose from. It is literally endless the many ways to brighten up one’s home and kitchen table by one quick roll out of a smart tablecloth. Of course one can change the tablecloth every few weeks or months, depending on the time of year. Nice to get into the festive spirit with a Christmas themed one for December, or a fresh bright spring one to cheer us all up in Spring and Summer. This years Christmas new designs and patterns are just in. We have Santa with reindeers, to subtle Christmas trees on beige neutral background. Owls, snowflakes, icicles, Santa Sleigh, presents around the tree all feature for adults and children patterns.

Some people love to use the vinyl to make aprons for children and adults, or to cover chairs for outside dining. They are most practical for lining shelves to brighten up any pantry or boot room. The ideas and options are endless, just a bit of imagination required.

We hope you enjoy our latest selections, with vibrant colors and designs to suit any household.

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