November 7, 2020 Paint Indoor & Outdoor

Paint Indoor & Outdoor

Delighted to have a vibrant range of paint to sell for both indoor and outdoor use. We stock Brands such as Crown, Berger and Sandtex which have a wide selection to choose from. We sell a huge range of spray paints in all colours imaginable ie red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, pink, orange including metallic gold, chrome and silver. Specialist paints for metal, iron gates and wood furniture. Varnish in tins and sprays to cover surfaces from yachts to garden furniture.

Of course if one is going to paint, you definitely need some basic accessories to help get started. Luckily we stock wide range of paint brushes in various sizes, paint rollers and trays, sandpaper, scrapers, masking tape, white spirit, sugar soap and much more to help with the clean up !!

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