Boyds Stores is probably best known for stocking nearly every possible tool, screw or hook to equip any home, or to suit any DIY enthusiast.  We also specialise in car accessories, car cleaning sprays, car mats, paint  brushes, rollers, sprays, cloths, tins paint, paint cleaning products , tape, ropes, locks to fit all items including bikes.

We have everything from mobile accessories to clocks, 20 types of Glue, fillers, health & Safety vests, massive range of gloves suitable for all types of outdoor work including gardening.

Bulbs – We stock the largest range of LED and halogen bulbs, suitable for every screw cap or bayonet fitting in every possible strength.  We offer the best price by far, starting from €2.

Torches – we sell every size and style imaginable. For use in the home, office or outdoor work sites.

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